TOPICS: Self-starting lifts a ghostly mystery

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NEXT STOP HABERDASHERY: The lift at the David Jones building has been operating on its own accord. NEW BITS: An Axolotl.

CREEPY things have been going on in Hunter buildings this week.

Lifts operating on their own accord. Bank doors enticing criminals and opening after business hours.

It’s all happening and Topics is screaming ghosts.

We’ve never encountered someone from the other side or had a paranormal experience and feel a bit unloved.

First up is Maitland’s NAB branch, which mysteriously opened its doors on Monday night, offering opportunistic robbers the chance for a perfect crime.

Luckily they were only open for about an hour and no one took advantage.

The freaky opening could not be explained by a branch spokesman but was blamed on a power cut.

As far as Topics is concerned, that leaves the door wide open for a ghostly explanation.

On the other side of the Hunter there have been reports of spooky happenings in the old David Jones building in town.

Olive Tree Market founder Justine Gaudry has been preparing the space as a permanent home for her local artists’ works, which is open Thursday to Saturday every week.

As they set up in the dark every morning, a rogue elevator has caused quite a stir.

“It keeps going up and down on its own accord and a lady makes announcements of what floor it’s on,” Ms Gaudry said.

“We’re still deciding what to call her – maybe Ethel.”

Topics would freak out if we heard a lady announcing “women’s underwear” while in the dark.

We suspect that a David Jones ghost, either an obsessive shopper or a former worker who won’t let go, is operating the lift. Or it’s just faulty electronics.

Out on a limb

TOPICS wants a new foot. We’re currently nursing a terrible ankle injury and we’re not keen on the rehab process.

We want to play football.

So it would be ideal if humans had the ability to regrow limbs.

Salamanders can do it, as well as regenerate parts of major organs. So why can’t we?

Enter science. This week a study of the axolotl, an aquatic salamander, found that immune cells called macrophages were critical when it came to regenerating lost limbs.

The best news? These cells exist in humans.

Apparently further study could provide insight into treating spinal cord and brain injuries.

And perhaps lead to Topics growing a new ankle too? Probably not, but we can dream.

Robyn my identity

ENVIRONMENT Minister and Member for Maitland Robyn Parker has either had an astonishing makeover or her Wikipedia profile has been hijacked.

When you type the minister’s name into Google, a brief profile of her career will pop up, accompanied by a photo.

The source says Wikipedia and the text seems legit, but when you look closely at Robyn’s face there’s something terribly amiss.

The photo looks old, the lady’s hairstyle comes straight from the 1980s and her smile is nowhere near as charming as our Robyn’s.

A few clicks and all is revealed.

The lady in question is actually assistant professor Robyn Parker at Kent State University, Ohio, America.

How the mix-up has occurred is anyone’s guess. But rest assured that Ms Parker has not undergone drastic plastic surge\